Monday, June 7

A Milwaukee BikeLoc

My best friend, Liza, is a wonderfully amazing person and I am so fortunate to have her in my life. Tonight, she helped to host a night of local food at the Urban Ecology Center: the focus of the night was specifically on local food, community and biking! Robert Dubois and Aaron Zueck (currently sleeping on Liza's floor, right here in Milwaukee) are biking across the country, having started in Vermont and eventually ending in Portland. Liza helped them to host a "bikeloc" which is derived from a combo of bikes, local foods, and potlucks. A special feature of Aaron and Robert's bike venture, is that in each city, town, village they bike through, they are planning local food potlucks, that work to bring light to the local food movement. I would say that tonight's bikeloc was successful in that. The tables were filled with many people, eating and sharing local food and talking about new and exciting ideas. Needless to say, my belly is quite content at the moment!
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(If you are wondering what I brought, I had my dandelion and violet jams, and served them with homemade biscuits, a real hit! Stay tuned for a recipe for foolproof biscuits, coming soon!)

Who knew eating local could be so much fun?!

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