Saturday, August 13

Oh, the times they are a changing

Dear friends,

So many things are constantly shifting. Today, I am writing to you from a different room than normal, as Jill, Kelsey and I have moved out of the garden unit and are now living in new locations! A strange feeling, indeed. However, this does not mean that I will stop writing about food and adventures. In fact, I think it is quite nice to have this silly little blog as an outlet for my thoughts and recipes. I sure hope you enjoy reading!
The garden unit in its prime
An update:
While Jill and Kelsey are continuing graduate school, I have moved down the street for a while, to live with some of my dearest friends. Jill and Kelsey are both doing well, with wonderful new roommates, and I am loving living in community with six inspiring and energizing individuals.

Though the physical walls of the garden unit have remained stationary, and no longer shelter Kelsey, Jill and me, the spirit of the garden unit (corny, I know, but it's true!) will surely live on in all of us! Jill will be baking bread till the day she dies, no doubt in my mind. And Kelsey, who went from hating nearly all vegetables, will be enjoying green beans long into the future I am sure. I plan to continue eating homemade foods, and not eating packaged foods (August 22nd will be Jill and my one-year anniversary of not buying packaged foods!).
A bittersweet farewell, to the home we had created.
More soon (including recipes... which I haven't shared in quite some time now!),
Until then, happy eating, crafting and living,

Jill, Kelsey and I; the garden unit girls!