Thursday, June 3

Clover Jam

Ah, the joy of foraging. A couple of days ago, Lauren and I went foraging for white and red clover flowers, to make a variation of my violet jam*. We went to a park that is abandoned, just a few blocks away which was FULL of beautiful bounds of clover flowers. And we went at just the right time! The next day it was mowed to a bland empty field.
On a happier note, Lauren and my foraging adventure was lovely. Bumblebees bumbled while we foraged. I can't express the beauty of the field and the day and the moment.
*To make clover jam, replace violets with red and white clover flowers, and replace lemon juice with orange juice! As easy as that!
Happy eating (and foraging)!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ali, this sounds delicious! I bet orange juice would be phenomenal!