About the garden unit

Perhaps you are wondering why this blog is titled "living in the garden unit"? Well, let me tell you!

Myself, and my two roommates, Jill and Kelsey lived in the basement unit of our apartment building for 2 years. When initially searching for an apartment, our options were quite limited, as we were searching in the wintertime and most leases began in the springtime. However, we stumbled upon this apartment and were quite delighted when the landlord told us that he had one unit available: the garden unit. "What a name!" we thought. Though, upon touring the apartment, we realized that it was not quite what we were expecting. There were exposed wires dangling from the ceiling, pipes running from room to room, dark colors painted on the walls. But much to our delight (probably in hopes to finally rent this so-called garden unit) the landlord offered us one thing that was finally the selling point: that we could paint the walls.

Upon moving into the garden unit in December of 2009, the little place became quite the space. Jill and I called it our "treasure box", as it is filled with all sorts of treasures; found and made.
Also, the space has became a melting pot for ideas and creativity. I am so fortunate to have shared the space with Jill and Kelsey, as they are constantly creating new and beautiful things; both edible and non.

The garden unit became our home away from home. We loved to share the space with our friends, and through this blog, we can share the many wonderful ideas and recipes that were created in the humble space we call the garden unit.
However, in August 2011, after graduating from Marquette University, the three of us have gone our separate ways: with Jill and Kelsey in graduate school, and me starting a new adventure in Omaha, Nebraska, where I will explore a new food community. While the walls of the garden unit no longer exist in the way they once did, the positive energy and inspiration from living with both Kelsey and Jill continues to exist no matter the spatial location. Thanks for joining us on our adventures, where ever they take us!