Sunday, April 3

Pied piper

A few weeks ago (how time flies!), Jill and I, and our dear friends Annie, Conor and Jack, ventured south on a spring road trip. On our adventure, we visited many wonderful places and met a handful of delightful people, doing really, really good things. In Kentucky, we stayed at Miguel's Pizza and Rock Climbing. A place I have visited many times before while rock climbing in the Red River Gorge, we were happy to pitch our tent behind the pizza shop and enjoyed the company of many other rock climbers and hikers that also had stopped at Miguel's.
On our perch, in the Red River Gorge; reading, writing and knitting
After the Red River Gorge, we made our way southeast, to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Here, we hiked and camped and enjoyed the picturesque views along the Appalachian Trail. And let me just say, I am constantly thankful of my friend's abilities to prepare delicious meals; even when we are camping in the great outdoors! We ate like kings and queens, to say the least.
The Appalachian Trail
Snack time on the trail
For the last few days of our trip, we spent our time exploring Nashville, Tennessee. And what a delight! There were so many good things happening here. We visited the Nashville Farmers Market, for its opening night of the season. There were many smiling faces of farmers and visitors alike. There were even bountiful supplies of fresh produce, which was quite surprising to see in the middle of March, for a Wisconsinite.
The motley crew in Nashville, Tennessee
But perhaps on the top of our Nashville finds, was the Pied Piper Creamery. We stumbled upon this little gem as we were out and about on St. Patrick's Day, and we scheduled our following day around the hours of the shop. Pied Piper Creamery is a little ice cream shop located in East Nashville. It is on the first floor of a lovely house, in a lovely neighborhood; all-in-all, as welcoming as could be! 
Nashville's treat! Jill and her ice cream
What makes the ice cream from Pied Piper even sweeter of a treat, is the history behind the store it self. Through a brief conversation with the owner and ice cream aficionado, Jenny, we discovered that the she started the store as an ice cream lover but knowing nothing about making it at all. The store was opened several years ago, as she had moved to East Nashville and was disappointed that there wasn't an ice cream shop around. Rather than whining about the issue, she was proactive and started her own shop! As well as a variety of creative flavors (with clever names like Love is a Butterfield butter pecan, and Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby vanilla ice cream), Jenny makes her own waffle cones.
We also loved Nashville's 75 degree weather...
The ice cream was delicious till the final lick, but we particularly loved Jenny's approach to business; creating a solution to a problem quite creatively. And I must say, it was a problem worth solving, and thank goodness she did.

All is well, as we have landed back home at the Garden Unit.
Happy eating! 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your trip notes from down south. The GS Mtns. are one of my favorite places in the whole US. Sounds like you had a great road trip.

  2. What a lovely Trip you had.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful
    pictures and stories!