Friday, April 22

Happy Earth Day

Every year come Earth Day, there are several stories that come to mind which bring a genuine smile to my face, without fail!

My favorite, is the story of my mom, on the very first Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970. My mom grew up about an hour west of our home, on a farm with my grandparents and her four brothers. Her and her brothers attended school a couple miles from their home. On Earth Day in 1970, my mom, being a young, enthusiastic activist, decided to walk home from school in honor of our dear Mother Earth.

Recall, however, that there were no cellphones in 1970, and though my mom had the best of intentions of helping to protect the Earth, such intentions were not quite communicated so well with her mom. When my mom was not home at her expected time and the sun was setting, my grandma hopped in her car and drove up and down the streets looking for my mom. Not quite what my mom had in mind, when walking rather than driving home from school... None-the-less, I would say that the actions were honorable.
 Beth and I after a trail cleanup (not this Earth Day, but remember, Earth Day is everyday!)
There are so many different ways you can celebrate the Earth, and Earth Day is such a good reminder for us all. However, let us not forget, that Earth Day is everyday!

Happy Earth Day

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