Thursday, April 28

craft stand

The end of the semester (and my college career!) is quickly approaching, and amidst all the chaos of term papers, group projects and final exams, there are a few things that keep me happy as a clam; one of these things is Jill, Annie and my craft stand that we will have at the East Side Green Market!
We have been brainstorming the craft stand since the middle of winter. While we had all been passing our time crafting and creating, we talked of a day when we could support ourselves doing just that! Though we are not intending to support ourselves completely, we are looking forward to sharing our handicrafts with our fellow Milwaukee-ans! How wonderful it will be to talk about what we are doing and learn from others through conversation, about wonderful things others are creating. Needless to say, I am very eager for the first day of the market, which will be Saturday, June 18th.
Just a little knitted neck warmer I made over the winter; many more little crafts to come! 

We will be creating under the name Witch Crafts! Here is our bio:

Established and run by three quick and nimble fingered Milwaukee residents, The Milwaukee Witch Craft Guild is a community of creative individuals who hand-make and sell local crafts.  Some of their creations that will be featured at this summer's East Side Green Market include recycled clothes and accessories, jewelry, knitted and crocheted wear, home decor and gadgets, children's toys, and a variety of other one-of-a-kind products.  

Hope to see you at the first day of the market!
p.s. this is the 100th post on Life in the Garden Unit... thanks for reading!


  1. Yay! Hope to see you there though we only occasionally hit that side of town on a summer Saturday. You're living one of my dreams. What comes after MU?

  2. that cake looks delicious! happy birthday!