Wednesday, March 31

Spring gardening in the Garden Unit

Last night, Jill and I were in the mood for spring. So what else better to do, than craft some springy decorations?

We made some great recycled flower garlands that are really simple (so simple that you can successfully make them, with a glass of wine in your hands...)

Here is our step by step project:

Recycled Flower Garland
Several colors of scrap fabric (we used old t-shirts!)
Ribbon or long strip of fabric (for the garland)

To make one flower:
1. Cut fabric into circles, using the spool of thread base, as a pattern. You need between 6 and 8 circles per flower.

2. Fold the circle in half. Fold in half again, so the circle is folded in quarters. This creates "petals".

3. Sew through the pointed corner of the fabric circle, and do this for each circle, until you have all 6 circles (or more), folded in quarters, and on the thread.

4. Pull the thread tight, bunching all the petals together. Tie the thread tightly to secure.

To make garland:
Make about 10-15 flowers, depending on the length of your garland. Tie each flower onto garland about 10 inches apart. Then, its ready!

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