Tuesday, January 24

Introducing: Big Muddy Urban Farm!

It seems I have been a busy bee lately; hardly a moment to sit down. And, what might you ask, is keeping me on my toes these days? Well, I have quite the news! I have been busy working with several of my new and dear friends here in Omaha, to start a CSA (community supported agriculture) called Big Muddy Urban Farm. It seems, moreover, that I have landed in the exact right spot, surrounded by the best people possible, to nurture my soul and focus my energy. Right now, we are working to secure land and supplies and we are planning our crops so as to grow and sell 20 shares of our farm in the 2012 growing season; enough to feed 80 people for 20 weeks!
The people I am working with come from a diverse background; some having farmed before, some having only been interested in growing food on a personal level, some filmmakers about food and others just food lovers. Myself, I have grown only on a very small scale, in my parents' backyard and at the community garden plot I tended over the past two growing seasons with Jill and friends. I have been fortunate to be exposed to growing throughout my childhood, as my grandpa lives on a farm and my mom worked summers at Uriel Pharmacy as a grower. Though I am quite inexperienced in growing food, I have spent time writing and working on business plans and studying economics for the past four years; all the while interesting myself with food and growing on a text-book and experimental basis. I feel positive that while I have not grown food for a crowd before, my other skills will continue to contribute to the overall success of our group, on the foundation that exists with the others' skills and knowledge.
Surely we will encounter many struggles, and the support of our friends and families will be essential to our well-being; and is the basis for community supported agriculture. Know too, that I have been inspired by so many of you. Such inspiration has led me to this place-- and thank goodness.

Watch us grow, as the seasons change and the air gets warmer and the earth greener!


  1. Best of luck. And I didn't know your mom worked at Uriel. Do you have an East Troy connection. I interned in ET for 8 months at Michael Fields.

  2. Congrats!! I'm super excited for you! Mistakes are your best friend :)

  3. You go, Alison! You should come check out the urban farm that I help run (on the weekends) in DC! Called Walker Jones farm, check it out online. I want to come out and visit Omaha now! Hope you are well. :) - Tiffany (MU - GBB - India!)