Monday, June 13

Mad dash to the finish line

The craft stand is here in under one week!
The motto of the moment
In case you haven't noticed based on the previous, I don't know, 10 posts (which have been sparsely posted over the past couple months due to our crafting), we have been feverishly crafting in anticipation for our summer craft stand. Well, what has been a continued dream is nearly a reality, as the craft stand is set to begin in under one week! Needless to say, we have been crafting even more as of late, in order to build our stock of sellable goods.
before crafting began
after crafting began
I would say, we have made beautiful progress. We have quite a lot of homemade goodies and they are all looking lovely! However, as comes with the territory of mad crafting, the garden unit looks like a tornado zipped through a craft store and left us with an explosion of fabric scraps, threads, and notions. Not to mention, our floor is a field of pins, so its best to walk through with care and be aware that a poke is likely at any moment! All in all, however, I will take a messy apartment and lovely crafts over a clean apartment and nothing to show, any day. Here is some of our progress: 
 Collage magnets
 Teddy bear, knit by Jill
 Sprout kits plus a little handmade how-to guide 
(watch soon, for a free download of this zine!)
 Fabric covered push pins!
 Vintage button magnets 
Baby t-shirts with hand-details
Kelsey and I, with handmade coin purses
In the mean time, Jill, Annie and I will be crafting away! Hope to see you at the stand; It starts Saturday the 18th at 10 am and runs till 2 pm. 

Happy crafting!

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  1. Love it! Where did you find your typewriter? I've been looking for years. Love the motto as well! See you this summer.