Wednesday, February 2

When you live in the garden unit...

Sometimes you get snowed in!
Jilly at the front door...

Kelsey and the foraged snow

And how could we fully enjoy a snow day without snow ice cream? Snow ice cream has been a Clark family tradition for as long as I can remember. As kids, we would place a big metal bowl outside when there was even the slightest amount of snow falling from the sky, in hopes that our bowl would soon be filled so as to make snow ice cream. Often times, the bowl would only be lightly powdered after hours of patient waiting, but on a few occasions each year, it would fill enough to make a batch! Those were the best of snow storms. 

Needless to say, the blizzard that hit Milwaukee (and the rest of the Midwest!) last night, yielded enough snow that we could easily drop out of school and go into business making snow ice cream! For those of you who are also snowed into your respective homes, here is a treat that is sure to warm your soul, on even the coldest of snow days. 

Snow Ice Cream

1. Mix together one egg, about a cup of milk, a splash of vanilla and some sugar.

2. Gradually add fresh snow, until no more will mix in! And voila: Snow Ice Cream! Eat before it melts and share with those around you.

Happy (under)Groundhog Day and happy snow day!

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