Wednesday, December 8


There are several things that I feel are quintessential to creating a winter-y atmosphere. Those things include (but are surely not limited to):
hot chocolate
cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
I have been knitting since about the third grade. I first learned how to knit from my grandma (Mema) and then continued knitting in the 4-H group in my neighborhood. I have a vivid memory of knitting my first scarf:

It was days before the state fair, and I was to enter three items: A crocheted pillow, crocheted drink coasters and a knitted scarf. The first two were completed months in advance, but for some reason, the scarf was taking much more time. As the fair quickly approached, I had come to terms with the fact that this silly little scarf was not going to be finished in time. However, my mom had a different idea-- as my mom often did (and thank goodness she did!), she made sure I completed what I had started. So, all day for two painful days, I knit that scarf. A majority of the time I was knitting, I was sitting outside in our hammock. I just recall sitting there and being so anxious to finish! So although I sat in a hammock, one of the most relaxing places to be, I was anxious. So silly, really. None-the-less, I finished the scarf, with just enough time. In fact, if I do recall, I received a second place blue ribbon for my scarf despite the fact that my scarf changed sizes from start to finish, had several holes and was made out of the most awful rainbow-colored yarn on the planet! I have been knitting ever since.

Luckily for me, I now enjoy knitting; dear mom, you don't have to force me to knit anymore!
This time, I am knitting a sweater from a sweater. Mind you, this is my first large knitting project. I have previously knit many a hats and scarves, but never something so substantial. It will truly be an adventure. What I mean by "a sweater from a sweater" is just that: I got the idea from a friend Annie's blog. Literally, I spent an afternoon unraveling a sweater I had found at the local thrift store. Now, let me just say, I have never enjoyed unraveling so much. Perhaps, this is because the previous times I have been unraveling something, I am unraveling rows and rows of my hard work. In this case, I have no emotional connection to each stitch. And, the entire process has been so rewarding so far. The yarn I got from the sweater is just beautiful.
I have already completed my first sleeve and am in the process of knitting the second! So far, in my journey, I have had to take out 60-some rows; however, I was mostly at peace with unraveling my own work. It seems silly to be upset, when you are knitting; there is simply no need.

Well, I will surely keep you updated on the progress of this little sweater of mine! Until then, happy winter and stay as warm as you can! 


  1. I'm so glad you tried this idea. Can't wait to see the finished project. Happy New Year!