Tuesday, August 24

The garden unit versus the fruit fly nation

Until recently, I had been battling fruit flies on a daily basis. Literally, I would go to sleep to a fruit-fly-free kitchen and wake up to the aftermath of a fruit fly fiesta, in which hundreds of the little buggers were flying free, everywhere.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. I set out to find the fruit fly cure, and I do believe I have found a pretty promising solution. Besides keeping a spotlessly clean kitchen, here are some tips to ridding your life of fruit fly fiestas:
1. Separate your trash between food waste and non-food waste. The food waste should be sealed in a small container (we use an empty gallon ice cream tub) since this is what sustains the little buggers.
2. Make sure you have no dishes with food on
them, in the sink. Also, no standing water.

3. Put all of your produce in the fridge! If its there, they will find it and probably throw a party of sorts.

4. This is the kicker: fill a little dish with vinegar and add a drop of dish soap! The dish soap breaks the surface tension of the vinegar and suddenly a fruit fly delight becomes a fruit fly grave. Sorry little guys, but you will have to party elsewhere!

I hope these tips help you to keep a fruit fly free kitchen for the remainder of time.

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