Thursday, October 6

Final craft stand of the season this Saturday!

The craft stand has been a staple in our summer this year, as Annie, Jill and I crafted our little fingers off. We have had such a wonderful time sharing our creations with our fellow Milwaukeeans, and have appreciated all the support we have received from both our friends and family, and also from new friends and perfect strangers. We have fought the elements, but with much support from our friends as well (Thank you Kathy, from MKE Localicious, for so graciously lending us your tent!). All in all, it has been a delightful summer. We do hope you will join us for our final Saturday market, this Saturday, October 8th, between 10am and 2pm at the Beans and Barley parking lot. After the market is complete, we will be listing our crafted items online. I will share this web address with you when it comes, not to worry!

Incase you are on the fence about coming, I have recently made a batch of my grandpa's famous caramels, and they will be conveniently located at our stand (and they will be free!). We really hope to see you there, and thank you all again, for your support. We could never have done it with out you!

Here are some photos of our stand lately (at Made in Milwaukee):

Happy fall! Hope to see you Saturday

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