Tuesday, July 5

Happy National Culinary Month!

Who knew! My dear friend Alex just informed me that it is National Culinary Month, and what better way to celebrate than by cooking?! Alex also just shared with me a wonderful resource for historic recipes, that is filed at the Milwaukee Public Library. Stored in an online database, you can search and prepare many different recipes that are unique to the different cultures of Milwaukee from over the last 50 years. A neat compilation of recipes, I am quite excited to explore the database more, over the next month.
A picture from last year, with my dear friend Glynnis, 
at Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg
Going with strawberry season, which is quickly coming to a close, I have selected a few strawberry recipes that I hope to try within the near future: 
Recipes courtesy of Milwaukee Public LIbrary;
Click the photos to jump to the site! 
Happy National Culinary Month!

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