Sunday, May 8

Spring crafting

We are crafting like mad women, these days. Jill is busy knitting stuffed animals and children's toys, which are delightful! Meanwhile I have been busy making dish scrubbies (inspired by the Lefort Homestead upcycling ideas!) for the craft stand.

It is beautiful in Milwaukee these days, and we are looking forward to some foraging this week. The dandelions and violets are in full bloom, and not to fear, we will surely be making jams throughout the week. Today, am writing from Alterra, while I am working on some final school work and Jill is knitting a zebra hand puppet (which she has whipped out in 24 hours... incredible!). The sun is shining and we are happy as could be.
Not too much else to share, but I will leave you with this image of Jill's latest play thing; a little knitted birdie!
Happy mother's day!

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