Thursday, October 14

Pantry: an update

So perhaps two blog posts in one night are a bit much, but I just can't contain my excitement about food (and life) tonight! Today, Jill and I cleaned our pantry and reorganized our foods. We are still only eating "non-packaged foods", and have been going strong since August 22nd. Currently our pantry is lined with home-canned tomatoes, green beans, salsa, jelly (of every flavor), and juices. On the other shelves, are jars and containers of dried, bulk grains and legumes, fruits and cooking supplies.
A glimpse into our pantry

When I looked at Jill's hard work of pantry re-organization, I had a bit of a realization; one that made me as happy as can be. After making the commitment to stop eating packaged foods, we were pushed to preserve our own foods. Suddenly, our foods were packaged in glass jars rather than colorized boxes, shouting at me to eat their contents. How lucky am I! To be able to look into our pantry and decide what I want to eat based on the true color of the foods, rather than a box covered in ads and nutrition facts. I can look at the foods on my shelves and decide what I want to eat, not what someone else is telling me to eat.

Thank goodness, for roommates who support crazy ideas and for eating real foods.

Happy eating :)

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